Introducing Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos

Presentation Set-Up

Setup & Needs

The following presentation set-up and need requests are born of 20+ years on stage. They are requested on behalf of your audience’s enjoyment and to optimize the success of your program.

T. Marni Vos requests 6 yellow M&M’s on podium with a 750 ml of Nigari Water, however, if that’s not possible, the below would be appreciated.

A Podium

When possible, podium preferred placement would be the middle of the stage / platform, and approximately 4-6 feet from the stage apron or edge. The closer to the audience, the greater the warmth and connection.


T. Marni Vos will arrive early for mic check.

Although flexible, these are requested in order of preference:

  • Lapel microphone with fresh batteries. This allows freedom to move about and enables unrestricted hand gestures.
  • A hand held wireless with fresh charge. This allows freedom to move about, but impedes full hand gesture capabilities.
  • A stationary podium microphone. This is heavy to move around.

Although still effective and appropriate for some events, this cuts down on possible options.

Audience Seating Preference

There isn’t a seating style Marni hasn’t performed in, all have been fun, some challenging, all educational.  Based on that experience, and the experience of all involved in planning, the requests are few and are probably already in place.

Attendees are directed / encouraged to fill the front first. Based on the numbers, particularly at the close of the conference, please have available seating reflect the possible attendance. Laughter is contagious, the closer people are to each other, the more ‘sense of community” and the greater the connection and laughter!

Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos on Stage