Introducing Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos

Humorous Keynote Speaker Intro

Regardless of her time slot, T. Marni Vos knows she is part of the welcoming committee for all who have made their way to your event. Marni will let them know, on and off stage, that they have arrived at a fabulous gathering! She wants to be the part of your event that delivers the ‘I’m so glad I’m here,” response.

Vos resets attitudes, regenerates individuals, and renews community!


We use humor in every aspect of our lives. We use it to build community, break down barriers and to assist us in solving problems with a lighter touch. We us humor to sell ourselves, our companies, our services, our products, and our ideas. We use humor to lighten the load, to create relationships, to heal, to overcome, to remain whole.

A former educator, award winning humorist, and President of Laughter’s Echo, please Welcome T. Marni Vos

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