Introducing Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos

Women’s Event Accolades

US Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice

"Thank you for your participation as a presenter at our National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Conference. The training was attended by 160 crime victim providers, including tribal, state and local victim advocates, social services, mental health practitioners, law enforcement, corrections, courts, attorneys, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, public officials, doctors and other medical staff, child protection services, social services, victims, and concerned citizens. your presentation, entitled "Celebration of Laughter", was rated by those in attendance as extremely valuable and excellent. Please know that your uplifting, inspirational presentation was key to the success of this conference. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your warm humor and life experiences and for participating in this important training conference, as we continue in our efforts to enhance crime victim services." ~ Michael G. Heavican, United States Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice

Michael G. Heavican
United States Attorney / U.S. Department of Justice
Commission on the Status of Women

Commission on the Status of Women

"Congratulations on being the recipient of the "Woman Artist Award." The recognition is definitely well-deserved. One of the ways in which the Commission can begin to fulfill its mission of removing barriers for women is by upholding positive examples in the community. Your work in the performing arts is inspiring. Your performance in the acceptance speech was stunning and you once again me one of your own goals- to help people remember how to celebrate and to find joy in our daily lives." ~ Kris Winter, President, Commission on the Status of Women

Kris Winter
North Broward Hospital District

North Broward Hospital

"By all accounts, we consider last week’s Prime time for Women—take it to heart a great success. More than 500 women joined us for our second annual event. It was evident from their laughter that they enjoyed hearing your closing remarks, but a preliminary review of our evaluations (as well as remarks after the conference) confirms that the attendees were delight with your presentation. We appreciate your brief visit to South Florida, I hope you enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine." ~ Sybil Henry, North Broward Hospital

Sybil Henry
The Scoular Company

The Scoular Company

"Dear Marni, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed having you as our entertainment for the "women In Grain Banquet," this past Saturday evening. Entertainment hardly seems like the right word, as I don’t know when I have ever laughed, cried, and been so spiritually moved by one person. You have an incredible gift of relaying real-life, everyday situations and making them meaningful. I wish I had taken notes, because there were so many things you said that really hit-home with me. I will keep you in mind for other events that I coordinate for our company and outside organizations." ~ Kim Daniels, The Scoular Company

Kim Daniels
University of Wisconsin Extension

University of Wisconsin

"Marni, you are a joy to work with!! You captured the audience immediately with your wit and wisdom. You wove a tapestry of humor and story telling to really send some messages home with the participants. The evaluation revealed that you were the highest rated speaker of the day, and that people heard your message and were going to find ways to apply that message to their lives. Not only did you make people laugh, you helped them relate real life experiences with life lessons. You have the gift of taking the simple experiences of every day living and realizing how those experience add to the richness of our lives. You made our Joy Day, a true joy for 550 people!" ~ Karen Dickrell, Joy Conference Chair, University of Wisconsin

Karen Dickrell
Joy Conference Chair / University of Wisconsin
League of Women Voters

League of Women Voters

"It was a record crowd and most of those attending the League of Women Voters Luncheon were basically T. Marni fans. You were definitely the biggest draw the League has ever had in the past several years and NO ONE has ever come close to a standing ovation before. I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you helped us celebrate the League’s birthday." ~ Patte Newman, President, League of Women Voters

Patte Newman
Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs

Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs

"All of us here at Harbor House were on a high all day long!!! The spill over from last night. We were laughing and joking all day long, repeating jokes we heard, making up new ones, etc. We have received countless emails today from friends telling us how fabulos the night was. Thank you so much for all the joy you have brought us." ~ Beth Schnorr, Executive Director, Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs, Wisconsin

Beth Schnorr
Western Nebraska Community College

Western Community College

"On behalf of the planning committee for the Women’s Health Conference, we would like to thank-you for taking the time to add the hilarity and fun to the evening. It was a wonderful addition to the evening!" ~ Lynn Vosler, Director, Western Community College

Lynn Vosler
Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc.

Women In Distress

"The feeling was unanimous and guests at the Annual Luncheon yesterday enjoyed your presentation immensely. They were also touched by your remarks about the mission of Women In Distress. We are especially excited about your return to South Florida. Thank you for joining us for our special event and for helping us see the importance of laughter." ~ Eli Jordfald, Grants and Finance Director, Women In Distress

Eli Jordfald
Grants and Finance Director / Women In Distress
Business and Professional Woman USA

Business and Professional Women

"You did an outstanding job as our luncheon speaker for the Nebraska Business and Professional Women’s Club State Conference. Just when we were beginning to take ourselves too seriously…you injected appropriate mirth into the mix. The entire conference was enriched because of the time you spent with us." ~ Rebecca Maddox-Spady, State President, BPW-USA, Business and Professional Women/USA

Rebecca Maddox-Spady
State President, BPW-USA / Business and Professional Women/USA

International Alliance

"Thank you so much for sharing your time, insight and perspective at the International Alliance in Tampa. The Alliance, has nearly 10,000 professional and executive members worldwide, and is one of the preeminent professional women’s organization in the world. Participation in our conference by accomplished professionals like your self only further establishes our credibility and sphere of influence. This was our most successful conference! Everyone truly enjoyed you---you definitely struck a chord! Thank you for the time you devoted, the knowledge you shared and the effective role you played in creating such a rewarding experience for so many." ~ Host, International Alliance in Tampa

Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College

"WOW! What can I say?! You did a tremendous job at the "Technology – Careers for Women" Seminar. I have heard nothing but very good comments. Your Keynote was excellent and right on target. You might be interested in knowing that of all the speakers we had, your evaluations rated the highest!" ~ Joan Sterns, Student Services, Southeast Community College, Lincoln, NE

Joan Sterns
Multiquip Inc.

Multiquip Inc.

"I want to thank you very much for your wonderful generosity, warmth, friendship, and talent that you supplied to the Children of Hope Foundation at our Atlanta Comedy Night. Needless to say, the night was a smashing success and there were so many comments about you and your performance." ~ Irving M. Levine, President, Multiquip Inc.

Irving M. Levine
President / Multiquip Inc.

Miami Women Health Center 2

"You are wonderful! I have attached a copy of the evaluations so that you might have a record for yourself; they were outstanding. We have had many speakers here at the Miami Woman’s Health Center, but few who have completely captivated the audience as you have. The combination of teacher and comedienne is a powerful one indeed. We are certainly looking forward to working with you again in the future!" ~ Regina Renteria, Health Educator/Acting Director, Miami Women’s Health Center

Regina Renteria
Health Educator/Acting Director / Miami Women’s Health Center

Miami Women Health Center

"Congratulations on an excellent program! You presentation, ‘Just for Laughs – Enhance Your Life With Humor’ was a tremendous success not only in terms of benefit to the participants, but also in terms of the valuable media generated for the hospital. The Miami Herald Newspaper journalist was exceptional in capturing the essence of your message along with highlights of your quotes. It is a pleasure to work with a professional of your caliber." ~Regina Renteria, R.N., BSN Director – Miami Women’s Health Center

Regina Renteria
R.N., BSN Director / Miami Women’s Health Center
Bryan Medical Center

Bryan Medical Center

"Thanks for being the super deeper funny person again at Bryan. It is true we all fall in love with you when we’re around you. There’s something that changes in us when we listen to you and laugh with you. You’re something!" ~ Becky, Bryan Medical Center


Here are some Accolades for T. Marni Vos from clients of Women’s Events which includes the Department of Justice and Agriculture, Nebraska Department of Education, Omaha Public Schools and many more.