Introducing Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos

Insurance Industry Accolades

Here are some Accolades for T. Marni Vos from clients in the Insurance Industry which includes American Republic, NAIFA, Nebraska Farm Bureau, and many more…

Curtis & Associates, Inc

"On behalf of all the staff at Curtis & Associates, Inc., I wish to sincerely thank you for being our guest speaker at the retreat this past week. You showed us how important laughter is in the workplace. We appreciate that you shared your humor and made us a part of your happiness. Your words and stories were so refreshing. One thing I have learned is that amid all our troubles and trials, being able to laugh and choose to see the humor in these times will decide our reaction and outcome. Thank you for reminding us to laugh!" ~ Jody Suchan, Curtis & Associates, Inc.

Jody Suchan
American Republic Insurance Company

American Republic Insurance Company

"On behalf of the Nebraska State Association of Health Underwriters and myself, I want to express our appreciation and sincere thanks for helping make our Sales Congress a tremendous success. Needless to say you were a BIG hit and the feedback we received was nothing but positive. Participants indicated this convention renewed their interest in the Health Underwriters Association. Both officially and personally, again thank you for your presentation in bring Humor back into our lives." ~ Ron Johnson, American Republic Insurance Company

Ron Johnson


"Your participation in our recent conference was outstanding. You were not only the glue that tied everything together but you were also the ingredient that had attendees splitting at the seams. Marni, on a serious note I do want to express my sincere "thanks" not only as the NAIFA President but also from a personal point of view. You added a great deal to the conference and I am very grateful. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again sometime." ~ Mike Struebing, NAIFA

Mike Struebing
Nebraska Farm Bureau

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

"I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding presentation at the Office Assistants conference. I have heard comments such as 'outstanding' and 'excellent wrap up speaker.' Your Keynote was a perfect end to a terrific conference. Again, thank you. I look forward to working with you in the future!" ~ Cathy Day, Associate Director, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

Cathy Day

NAIFA Nebraska

"You really do make a difference. You set the tone, made it fun, you helped us laugh at ourselves, you kept us on target for the ideals of the conference. We appreciated you time, your expertise, your presentation, YOU!" ~ Nancy Howard, The Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, NAIFA Nebraska

Nancy Howard
Lincoln Benefit Life

Lincoln Benefit Life

"Thank-you, I appreciate your kind words and your participation in our annual training event. I thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. I was particularly fond of one quote you used. The message was that we spend our entire lives preparing for those few moments, which define us." ~ Lincoln Benefit Life Company

Delphi Users Advisory Group, Inc.

"Thank you! You made me a hero by booking T. Marni Vos for our convention. We book many speakers each year and some are better than others. Our group of insurance agents felt that they had shared a moment of laughter and sincerity with a very special person in Marni. She is a gem in the world of keynote speakers. Her style is warm and witty, yet entirely professional. As a conference planner, I appreciated her communication, her cost-consciousness and her promptness. She researched the group and offered pertinent, insightful information to an industry that has had its share of serious events this year. Please don’t let her change one delightful thing about her act or personality. We will contact you soon about rebooking. I know others in our audience, including IBM, were so impressed that they gave her their cards on the spot for future conferences." ~ Debbie Hawkins, Executive Director, DUAG, Delphi Users Advisory Group, Inc.

Debbie Hawkins
Allied Insurance

Allied Insurance

"Thank-you for your awesome presentation. It was inspiring and funny and funny….people are still talking about it. Just so you know, one lady attending went into labor that night and they had a baby girl. No name yet but I bet they name her "Marni." ~ Mark Gdowski, Allied Insurance, Lincoln, Nebraska

Mark Gdowski
NAIFA Illinois

NAIFA Illinois

"It was truly a pleasure to have you as a speaker at the Illinois Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors’ (IAIFA) Annual Conference. The feedback from the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive and the success of the meeting. Your thorough professionalism is evident through your dedication to your clients." ~ Larry Mullins President-Elect, NAIFA, Illinois Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Larry Mullins
President-Elect / NAIFA

Consortia Ltd.

"Once again, thank you so very much for speaking at our Mid-America Direct Marketing Association. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and it felt great! The audience loved you and, as I mentioned, if you could plan on being our guest speaker every May, we would be thrilled. Thanks again so very much, Marni. What a perfect way to end our year!" ~ Laurie Kobza, Account Director, Consortia Ltd.

Laurie Kobza
Account Director / Consortia Ltd.

Assurex International

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your excellent and enlightening presentation given at the Assurex Marketing Seminar in Dallas.Your excellent sense of humor and your sincere display of sensitivity moved myself, and all of my colleagues. It is so healthy to periodically reflect on how healthy a sense of humor is in the workplace as well as, life in general. Everyone gave you rave reviews." ~ Jay Ison, CIC, Assurex International

Jay Ison