Introducing Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos

Health Care Industry Accolades

Here are some Accolades for T. Marni Vos from clients in the Health Care Industry which includes the University of Nebraska Medical Center, University of Georgia, Neuro Spine of Wisconsin, and many more…

North Broward Hospital District

North Broward Hospital

"By all accounts, we consider last week’s Prime time for Women—take it to heart a great success. More than 500 women joined us for our second annual event. It was evident from their laughter that they enjoyed hearing your closing remarks, but a preliminary review of our evaluations (as well as remarks after the conference) confirms that the attendees were delight with your presentation. We appreciate your brief visit to South Florida, I hope you enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine." ~ Sybil Henry, North Broward Hospital

Sybil Henry
University of Nebraska Medical Center

University of Nebraska Medical Center

"The Administrative support staff here at the University of Nebraska Medical Center said this event was such a hit, that they just didn’t get enough of you! The event was a great success. Next to the door prize drawings, you were the biggest hit (just kidding)." ~ Charlene M. Tate, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha

Charlene M. Tate
University of George Gilbert Health Center

Southern College Health Association

"Celebration of Laughter was not only a delightful reprieve from the clinical and managed care issues addressed earlier, it was also filled with a wisdom and inspiration that was uplifting to all who participated. Likewise, your helpful approach to the topic of humor in the workplace helped us all to place the work world in proper perspective and to understand the importance of humor in all aspect of our lives." ~ Jacquelyn S. Kinder, Ed. D., Fache, Director, Gilbert Health Center, President, Southern College Health Association, University of Georgia

Jacquelyn S. Kinder
Ed. D., Fache, Director / Gilbert Health Center

Rural Health Center, SC

"I just want you to know that you truly have a gift and I am glad to see that you are using it to touch so many lives. I just love the way you use humor to teach the basics of living a life filled with joy. The things you shared are so basic and so true." ~ Michele D. James, Rural Health Conference, Columbia South, Carolina

Michele D. James
Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin

Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin

"You’re soft-spoken humor kept everyone smiling and laughing the entire 1-1/2 hours. Your wit and charm are nothing that we have experienced before and you added such freshness and value to our philosophy of teamwork. We will definitely have you back for a future visit!" ~ Mamcu K. Rabideau, Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin, Appleton, WI

Mamcu K. Rabideau
Bryan Medical Center

Nebraska Nurses Association

"Thank you for your wonderful, funny, and meaningful presentation "Healer, Healing and Humor" at our 2008 Annual Convention on Friday, Oct. 10th." ~ Annette Belitz Harmon, CFM, CM Executive Director, Nebraska Nurses Association

Annette Belitz Harmon
CFM, CM Executive Director / Nebraska Nurses Association

NC Little Memorial Hospice

"We were thrilled to have you perform at our Little Hospice Special Event Fundraiser this year at the Edina Country Club. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment for all of us. Thank you for all the great laughs. Thank you again Marni!" ~ N. C. Little Memorial Hospice, Inc.

Miami Women Health Center 2

"You are wonderful! I have attached a copy of the evaluations so that you might have a record for yourself; they were outstanding. We have had many speakers here at the Miami Woman’s Health Center, but few who have completely captivated the audience as you have. The combination of teacher and comedienne is a powerful one indeed. We are certainly looking forward to working with you again in the future!" ~ Regina Renteria, Health Educator/Acting Director, Miami Women’s Health Center

Regina Renteria
Health Educator/Acting Director / Miami Women’s Health Center

Miami Women Health Center

"Congratulations on an excellent program! You presentation, ‘Just for Laughs – Enhance Your Life With Humor’ was a tremendous success not only in terms of benefit to the participants, but also in terms of the valuable media generated for the hospital. The Miami Herald Newspaper journalist was exceptional in capturing the essence of your message along with highlights of your quotes. It is a pleasure to work with a professional of your caliber." ~Regina Renteria, R.N., BSN Director – Miami Women’s Health Center

Regina Renteria
R.N., BSN Director / Miami Women’s Health Center
Mary Lanning Health Care

Mary Lanning Memorial HealthCare

"Marni, if you ever need a recommendation, let me know! The Nursing Appreciation Banquet during National Nurse’s Week was a true pleasure! Our nurses experienced a delightful evening full of humor, fun and caring. You have such a sincere appreciation for the nursing profession. Your humor was full of compassion for nurses and the work they do. Spending an hour with you was fantastic!! We left the event feeling appreciated and happy. It is amazing what an hour of laughter can do for your sense of wellbeing." ~ Sharon Hayek, Director of Organizational Development Services, Mary Lanning Memorial HealthCare

Sharon Hayek
Director of Organizational Development Services / Mary Lanning Memorial HealthCare

Lincoln General 2

"Thank you so much for presenting at our Cancer Survival Day program, ‘Hope & Humor." One of the comments regarding you was, ‘What a resource for our community’ and I second this. You were great and I will look forward to the next time we can schedule you for another program." ~ Charlene Kopp, Community Outreach Coordinator, Lincoln General

Charlene Kopp
Community Outreach Coordinator / Lincoln General

Lincoln General

"T. Marni Vos’s Keynote entitled "Celebration of Laughter in Health Care" included current theory content that was directly applicable in all fields of patient care. Her well-organized lecture was received with enthusiasm. Marni’s sense of humor reached participants in a way that left them feeling positive and motivated. Here are some examples of comments obtained on evaluations from participants." ~ Jane E. Graham, RN, BSN, MA –Education Facilitator – Lincoln General Hospital

Jane E. Graham
RN, BSN, MA –Education Facilitator / Lincoln General Hospital
Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

Lancaster County Health Department

"On a scale of 1 (least satisfied) to 5 (most satisfied), your average was 4.7 which was higher than any other speaker or presentation that day!! Some provider included comments in addition to providing a rating." ~ Lynn Murray Smith-Lincoln, Lancaster County Health Department

Lynn Murray Smith-Lincoln
Iowa Department of Public Health

Iowa Department of Health

"T. Marni Vos did our Motivational Keynote Address after lunch on the 2nd day of our conference, The after lunch spot is often difficult for speakers but not for T. Marni Vos. She SUPERCHARGED our crowd at the 10th annual Midwest Conference on Problem Gambling and Substance Abuse. Our evals after the conference indicate this was our most successful conference in my five years as program committee chair and many participants commented that T. Marni Vos was the very best of a schedule full of great speakers." ~ Director, Iowa Department of Public Health

University of George Gilbert Health Center

Gilbert Health Center

"What a wonderful contribution you made to the annual conference of Southern College Health Association! Among all of the presenters during our three day conference, you received the highest ratings from our conference participants. Marni, your contributions to the conference and to our lives as individuals will be a part of us for a long time to come." >~ Jacquelyn S. Kinder, Director, Gilbert Health Center, President, Southern College Health Association University of Georgia

Jacquelyn S. Kinder
Missouri Department of Mental Health

Department of Mental Health, MS

"Your presentation was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed your unique style of blending humor with some wonderful insights into the things that really matter. Thanks for sending us into the new year with a fresh perspective and renewed sense of appreciation for the people we work with and for." ~ Ronetta Shulte, Department of Mental Health, State of Missouri

Ronetta Shulte
Department of Mental Health / State of Missouri
Care Pro Health Services

Care Pro Health Services

"Thank you for your delightful presentation at our annual CarePro Health Services dinner. The planning committee had many compliments on the event related to your outstanding entertainment. It was certainly the most successful employee appreciation event for CarePro to date." ~ Katie Dostal, Territory Manager/Marketing, CarePro Health Services, IA

Katie Dostal
Territory Manager/Marketing / CarePro Health Services
Bryan Medical Center

Bryan Medical Center

"Thanks for being the super deeper funny person again at Bryan. It is true we all fall in love with you when we’re around you. There’s something that changes in us when we listen to you and laugh with you. You’re something!" ~ Becky, Bryan Medical Center


American Association of Public Welfare Information Systems Management

"Just a word of appreciation and sincere thanks for helping make our annual National Conference in New Jersey a tremendous success. How anyone could present the subject of "humor" in a more effective and enjoyable way defies imagination. Based upon the many comments from Association members, I know that all who attended your session benefitted from the valuable information you shared with them, both officially and personally. Thank you for a presentation that was outstanding in every respect." ~ Steven d. Cherep, American Association of Public Welfare Information Systems Management D.C.

National Institution for Mental Health

Alliance for the Mentally Ill

"Marni you are an extraordinary speaker-educator-comic- caring, concerned-person. Your style and methods, ranging from pure, "stand up, to subtle innuendo, to thought provoking ideas, and back to humor, kept your very mixed audience laughing and crying and always awake and alert. You were excellent, dynamic, and informed." ~ John B. Woodall, President, Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Alegent + Creighton Health

Alegent + Creighton Health

"Working in the field of Oncology can be difficult, and our goal of the retreat is to provide some relaxation, learn some self-care ideas, feel rejuvenated to continue on with the work. Your presentation provided all of those. I can't tell you how many of the evaluations said that your presentation was just what was needed. We always ask on the evaluation what is wanted for next year's retreat and almost every one of them said to bring you back. So, sometime in the future, I may call you again. (I'll try to give better directions!)" Thanks Marni. ~ Lori, Alegent + Creighton Health