Introducing Keynote Speaker T. Marni Vos

Corporation & Business Industry Accolades

Here are some Accolades for T. Marni Vos from clients in the Corporation and Business Industry which include Ziff Davis, NBC, MultiQuip and many more.

Curtis & Associates, Inc

"On behalf of all the staff at Curtis & Associates, Inc., I wish to sincerely thank you for being our guest speaker at the retreat this past week. You showed us how important laughter is in the workplace. We appreciate that you shared your humor and made us a part of your happiness. Your words and stories were so refreshing. One thing I have learned is that amid all our troubles and trials, being able to laugh and choose to see the humor in these times will decide our reaction and outcome. Thank you for reminding us to laugh!" ~ Jody Suchan, Curtis & Associates, Inc.

Jody Suchan
American Republic Insurance Company

American Republic Insurance Company

"On behalf of the Nebraska State Association of Health Underwriters and myself, I want to express our appreciation and sincere thanks for helping make our Sales Congress a tremendous success. Needless to say you were a BIG hit and the feedback we received was nothing but positive. Participants indicated this convention renewed their interest in the Health Underwriters Association. Both officially and personally, again thank you for your presentation in bring Humor back into our lives." ~ Ron Johnson, American Republic Insurance Company

Ron Johnson


"Your participation in our recent conference was outstanding. You were not only the glue that tied everything together but you were also the ingredient that had attendees splitting at the seams. Marni, on a serious note I do want to express my sincere "thanks" not only as the NAIFA President but also from a personal point of view. You added a great deal to the conference and I am very grateful. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again sometime." ~ Mike Struebing, NAIFA

Mike Struebing
Nebraska Farm Bureau

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

"I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding presentation at the Office Assistants conference. I have heard comments such as 'outstanding' and 'excellent wrap up speaker.' Your Keynote was a perfect end to a terrific conference. Again, thank you. I look forward to working with you in the future!" ~ Cathy Day, Associate Director, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

Cathy Day

NAIFA Nebraska

"You really do make a difference. You set the tone, made it fun, you helped us laugh at ourselves, you kept us on target for the ideals of the conference. We appreciated you time, your expertise, your presentation, YOU!" ~ Nancy Howard, The Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, NAIFA Nebraska

Nancy Howard
Lincoln Benefit Life

Lincoln Benefit Life

"Thank-you, I appreciate your kind words and your participation in our annual training event. I thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. I was particularly fond of one quote you used. The message was that we spend our entire lives preparing for those few moments, which define us." ~ Lincoln Benefit Life Company

Delphi Users Advisory Group, Inc.

"Thank you! You made me a hero by booking T. Marni Vos for our convention. We book many speakers each year and some are better than others. Our group of insurance agents felt that they had shared a moment of laughter and sincerity with a very special person in Marni. She is a gem in the world of keynote speakers. Her style is warm and witty, yet entirely professional. As a conference planner, I appreciated her communication, her cost-consciousness and her promptness. She researched the group and offered pertinent, insightful information to an industry that has had its share of serious events this year. Please don’t let her change one delightful thing about her act or personality. We will contact you soon about rebooking. I know others in our audience, including IBM, were so impressed that they gave her their cards on the spot for future conferences." ~ Debbie Hawkins, Executive Director, DUAG, Delphi Users Advisory Group, Inc.

Debbie Hawkins
Allied Insurance

Allied Insurance

"Thank-you for your awesome presentation. It was inspiring and funny and funny….people are still talking about it. Just so you know, one lady attending went into labor that night and they had a baby girl. No name yet but I bet they name her "Marni." ~ Mark Gdowski, Allied Insurance, Lincoln, Nebraska

Mark Gdowski


"I was so PSYCHED when I heard that Rhonda had booked you again after the Support Service conference. I was still telling people about your first gig, and was equally as impressed and please with your second. The GOOD cleansing laugh is so healthy and I went to bed that night exhausted and in perspective." ~ Bob Mosher, Ziff-Davis Education, Technology Performance Management, Conference Host, Rochester, N.Y.

Bob Mosher
Technology Performance Management / Ziff-Davis Education
University of Nebraska Medical Center

University of Nebraska Medical Center

"The Administrative support staff here at the University of Nebraska Medical Center said this event was such a hit, that they just didn’t get enough of you! The event was a great success. Next to the door prize drawings, you were the biggest hit (just kidding)." ~ Charlene M. Tate, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha

Charlene M. Tate

The Upgrade Place

"Thank you for making our Year End/Year beginning Party oh so special for everyone present, especially me! Your comedic style, deep wisdom,and underlying messages of positivity and choice came through loud and clear, while your delivery was cloaked in such a light and friendly communication style. You truly made our evening a time of togetherness, celebration and true community." Thank you, most sincerely... ~ Carol Walters, The Upgrade Place

Carol Walters
Multiquip Inc.

Multiquip Inc.

"I want to thank you very much for your wonderful generosity, warmth, friendship, and talent that you supplied to the Children of Hope Foundation at our Atlanta Comedy Night. Needless to say, the night was a smashing success and there were so many comments about you and your performance." ~ Irving M. Levine, President, Multiquip Inc.

Irving M. Levine
President / Multiquip Inc.
NETV Network

NETV Network

"You were wonderful. Your were a complete hit with people from all over the United States at our dinner for the Central Education Network public broadcasters. Thanks so much for being available to us on such short notice and thanks for being relevant, hilarious and moving. All of us here appreciate your talent and you!" ~ Ron Hull, NETV Network

Ron Hull


"Your luncheon presentation, "Humor: The Winning Edge," generated an enthusiastic response from our audience of 650 school board members and administrators. The following comment from one participant seems to summarize the prevailing sentiment quite nicely: 'What an awesome speaker. Humor that cuts right to the heart!' Obviously, you provided just the right note on which to end the conference. Thanks again for a job well done!" ~ Burma Kroger, Director of Board Development, NASB/NASA , State Education Conference

Burma Kroger
Director of Board Development / NASB/NASA
Miller Brewing Company

Miller Brewing Co.

"Thank you again for your wonderful presentation to Club Miller. Responses for both our active members as well as retirees have been very positive. Your thought provoking message in conjunction with your humorous delivery made for a very enjoyable evening. Several attendees commented on "how easy it was to listen to you," and "what an impactful message you delivered." I personally have tried to implement more humor in my approach to life – both at work and home." ~ Judy Sutton, President, Club Miller – Miller Brewing Co.

Judy Sutton
President, Club Miller / Miller Brewing Co.
Metro Credit Union

Metro Credit Union

"I was surprised to learn upon my return that weather had forced our original entertainer to cancel, but I was relieved to learn that you had filled in. I say relieved, because I’ve seen you perform before, and I know from experience that you are truly a professional. I’m also happy to report that everyone else who saw the show agrees with that statement. Thank-you for helping us out in our time of need!" ~ Randy Koch, Director of Marketing, Metro Credit Union, Omaha, NE

Randy Koch
Director of Marketing / Metro Credit Union
Matrixx Marketing Design

Matrixx Marketing, Inc.

"I wanted to write and tell you that never in my career, have I seen such positive employee reactions to a program as I did when I watched our employees listening to you. For several days after your presentation, employees kept approaching me to tell me how much they enjoyed listening to you and to ask me how soon we could bring you back here. Our Human Resources Department also received numerous phone calls and thank you notes regarding your presentation." ~ Rhonda Dunaway, Human Resources Administrator, Matrixx Marketing Inc., Omaha, Nebraska

Rhonda Dunaway
Human Resources Administrator / Matrixx Marketing Inc
Horizon Bank

Horizon Bank

"This letter is to thank you for your fantastic presentation for Horizon Bank. Our goal for your presentation was to incorporate team building within the bank and "Wow" service to both customers and fellow employees into a light hearted, fun presentation. Your presentation was much more. You helped us all to understand the importance of how people treat other people, and how to make people feel special. This in turn leads to a great team effort and "Wow" service. Your humor mixed with looking at your deepest feelings of how we all interact is truly inspirational."

~ Janet L. Latimer, CEO and President, Horizon Bank

Janet L. Latimer
CEO and President / Horizon Bank
Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much all of us at the Design Technology Conference enjoyed your performance! People thought you were very funny, but they also felt that they came away with very valuable lessons. We would certainly like to have you back in a few years!" ~ Karen K, Foley, ICBD Marketing communications and Events Manager, Hewlett Packard

Karen K, Foley
ICBD Marketing communications and Events Manager / Hewlett Packard

Futures Unlimited, Inc.

"Your wonderfully humorous presentation delighted our audience—in fact, I saw many of them wiping tears from their eyes —and we have had comments from many that this was the best program we have ever had. We feel the positive approach of humor as you so aptly illustrated could only enhance the support and commitment of those attending to the mission of Futures Unlimited, Inc." ~ Thomas L Kohmetscher, President/CEO, Futures Unlimited, Inc.

Thomas L Kohmetscher


"I have seen Marni deliver her comedy and keynote speeches on dozens of occasions and never cease to be amazed at how well she is able to connect with her audience and provide them with something they NEEDED to hear. She has a unique ability to make you laugh then hit you with a profound message when you're not expecting it. Her messages are not ones you forget soon after you've heard her and moved on with your day. They stick with you for a lifetime." ~ HR Director, Epicor

HR Director / Epicor
Cox Communications

Cox Communications 2

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful, refreshing time you provided yesterday at the Cox Communications All Employee Meeting! I was thoroughly entertained … and then thoroughly inspired (to tears -- that was a bit embarrassing in a work situation - HA!) I was disappointed how quickly the time passed. I felt like I could have listened to you for hours and hours … your message is so important these days when our overall stress levels just seem to be so high and we tend to take ourselves SO seriously!" ~ Sales Department, Cox Communications

Sales Department / Cox Communications
Cox Communications

Cox Communications

"Your message inspired not only our top level management team but also every one of our 1,100 employees. The feedback we received from the meetings were phenomenal and overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for helping us inspire our employees to evaluate their lives, their way of thinking and their place in our company. We truly believe your words helped to improve our business and our workplace culture." ~ Summer Miller, Cox Communications

Summer Miller

Consortia Ltd.

"Once again, thank you so very much for speaking at our Mid-America Direct Marketing Association. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and it felt great! The audience loved you and, as I mentioned, if you could plan on being our guest speaker every May, we would be thrilled. Thanks again so very much, Marni. What a perfect way to end our year!" ~ Laurie Kobza, Account Director, Consortia Ltd.

Laurie Kobza
Account Director / Consortia Ltd.

Chilton Corporation

"Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your performance at our annual awards dinner. We continue to get compliments from our customers on having you there! Your adaptability is so commendable: from your "humor message" (for our breakfast group) to your stand-up comedy routine (for their bosses–our after-dinner group), you have really taken the Twin Cities credit industry by storm! That event is our biggest event of the year. The room was filled with our major customers, so it was so important to us that they be properly entertained. You really topped off the day!" ~ Brenda High Moosbrugger, Sales Manager, Chilton Corporation, MN

Bankers Trust

Banker’s Trust Company

"Marni was AWESOME. She was exactly what this place needed. I just wanted to let you know that she nailed it! She did exactly what we needed her to do and accomplished it in the best possible way." ~ Bankers Trust Company

Architectural Woodwork Institute

AWT Reston, VA

"I would like to thank you for your contribution to our successful 50th Anniversary Celebration-Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.The spouses enjoyed your role in the brunch with reminding them "that laughing everyday makes a difference.." In response to Saturday night at the ‘50’s Sock Hop’ event "you had them rolling." The laughter from the audience tells both you and I that you were a big hit! I had several members comment that you topped the evening."

~ Kimberly Kennedy, Director of Meetings & Convention, AWT Reston, VA

Assurex International

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your excellent and enlightening presentation given at the Assurex Marketing Seminar in Dallas.Your excellent sense of humor and your sincere display of sensitivity moved myself, and all of my colleagues. It is so healthy to periodically reflect on how healthy a sense of humor is in the workplace as well as, life in general. Everyone gave you rave reviews." ~ Jay Ison, CIC, Assurex International

Jay Ison
Anderson Consulting

Andersen Consulting

"I found your discussion on "humor as a powerful tool" very thought-provoking; and the examples you used illustrated your points well. I had never before considered the tremendous business impact humor has, especially as a memory and stress management aid. Andersen prides itself as a "thought leader" in the consulting industry, so your points on humor as a tool for opening doors to creative thinking were most applicable to our business environment." ~ Debra D. Dvorak, Andersen Consulting

Debra D. Dvorak
3M Health Care

3M Health Care

"Very funny! Wonderful, I have never laughed so much! Fantastic! Excellent entertainer and comedian! I had tears running down my face I laughed so hard! What a delightful, funny woman!" ~ Joanne M. Englund CPS, Chair, 3M Health Care

Joanne M. Englund
CPS, Chair / 3M Health Care
Century 21

Century 21

"You are extremely funny and yet insightful! I can’t thank you enough for making a real difference in providing your unique approach to helpingall in attendance understand how important laughter in the workplace can be…we will surely have you back for another Keynote at future events." ~ Century 21, Parsippany, New Jersey.

Century 21
Parsippany, New Jersey / Century 21
Miller Brewing Company

Judy Sutton

"Your thought-provoking message in conjunction with your humorous delivery made for a very enjoyable evening." – Judy Sutton, President, Club Miller, Miller Brewing Company

Judy Sutton
President, Club Miller / Miller Brewing Company